Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nothing new

This morning a friend of mine asked me if I had been knitting. She said she had been checking my blog and hadn't seen any new posts for a couple of weeks. Oops. Sorry!!! I have been knitting a little, but nothing much new or exciting to report. I have gotten a little further on my son's blanket, but that is really about it. His blanket is based on a pattern from Knit Simple magazine. Here's a picture from the magazine of the blanket-
It is done in seed stitch, with cotton yarn. I'm using different colors of his choosing (blues, red, orange...) It is going to take a very long time to finish. Good thing I'm making it big... he's 9 now, but might be 19 by the time it's done!
In other news, my SP10 spoilee had to drop out of the exchange. I'm very sad. I understand entirely, as she is facing some difficult family issues. But I was having so much fun putting together things for her. Selfish, I know.
You know, it's amazing the power that yarn has over me. I feel really, really crummy. I've been congested and coughing like a fool for weeks, so much so that my ribs feel like they are broken. At lunch today, I went to a yarn shop by my office. I wondered around, played with the yarns, looked at some patterns, talked to the shop owner and came out so much happier than when I went in!!! It truly is like being a kid in a candy sotre. "I want some!" is all I can think. :-)

Monday, May 07, 2007

One blanket down... countless more to go!!!

Don't look now, but I actually finished a blanket. This one is my daughter's. She picked the colors, I picked the stitch patterns that were used for each color (each color is done in a different stitch). This was a true learning experience. The light pink seed stitch squares were the first things I ever knitted. You can tell when you look at them-- they are a mess!! I thought about re-doing them, but in the end, I decided to leave it alone. It might not be perfect, but I will never feel like it is, and my daughter might appreciate that she has the first things I ever knit in her blanket... but then again, she might wonder why I made such a mess!!! I got all 24 squares sewed together and did the border, then my daughter couldn't wait another minute and wanted the blanket. I plan to put a backing on it, and perhaps put buttons on the corners of each square, both for decorative purposes and to hold the backing (so it doesn't sag in the center). Anyway, here are some pics: