Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Socks-- I've seen the light!

I feel like I have made some marvelous discovery. It's called socks on two circular needles. You're reading this, thinking "duh"!!! But it's truly the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. Ever since I was in high school, I've had a major "thing" for socks. Seriously. I have a couple of pair that, for one reason or another, I refuse to wear. I love them too much to put on my feet. So I just look at them in my sock drawer. It's a sickness. It's also part of the "two a dems" syndrome that I have... where I have to have TWO of an item so that one can be used, while the other is saved in pristine condition. In keeping with the two-a-dem theory, I have several pairs of socks that I have doubles of... one pair worn and the other not. Now you know I'm completely nuts.

Anyway, when I began knitting, I really thought that socks would be my knitting love. Imagine-- a complete sock freak being able to make her own socks. That is, until I took a class on dpns. Then I thought that anyone that ever knitted socks was either massively skilled, completely daft, or both! Dpn's just aren't for me. Someone finally clued me in to the fact that socks can be done on circs instead. So I started a four-part class last week at my LYS. And like a bolt of lightening, I GET IT! And more importantly, I LOVE IT!!! God help my wallet, my stash piles, and my family.... I feel a lot of socks and yarn coming your way!!!

I have joined a sock club already. It doesn't begin until the fall, but it sounds like fun. It is a four-installment deal, so it won't be overwhelming for a first time club doer, I think. I've communicated with the lady who is running the shop/club, and she is a delight. I'm quite excited about it! Here is the link:

Okay, enough of me blathering on about socks. Have a great day!


Monday, June 11, 2007

New project (not a blanket!!)

My local yarn store has the cutest display of sundresses. Several of the women who work there, along with a few regular customers, each did their own version of the Knitting Pure and Simple sundress pattern. They are hanging in the kids' yarn section of the store on a clothes line... it is so adorable. Everyone picked a different yarn, and some made their own customization to the pattern. I was inspired enough to buy the pattern and yarn and attempt it on my own. Here is a link to a picture from their website of the dresses hanging on the line:

I started on it last night. Will update as I make progress!