Monday, December 04, 2006

It's been a busy month. I feel like I am finally making nice, even stitches and my work is presentable! I guess that is an accomplishment. I have been working on a blanket for my daughter-- it is a series of squares, four squares each in 6 different stitches. I began on the garter stitch, then did the seed stitch and the moss stitch. Now I am doing the dash stitch squares. I will probably go back and re-do the garter stitch squares, as they are a mess! Those were the first things I ever knitted and "finished", and the stitches aren't pretty, there are holes, etc. I will use those four squares as my trial and error squares. Once all 24 squares are done, I have to join them all and then do a border around the whole thing. So I will use the four messy squares as my practice squares for doing the joining.

Otherwise, I am also working on a baby blanket for my godson. I'm using Plymouth's Dream Baby yarn-- it is so soft! I'm doing two yarn colors at once on big needles, and I have made up my own pattern-- I cast on 140, and did seed stitch for 20 rows, then a 16 stitch seed-stitch border on the beginning and end of each row, garter stitch in between. It is looking really good. I am pleased with it so far!

I did a "magic ball" scarf, using the magic ball yarn by Be Sweet. That was a lot of fun-- the material changes every few feet and it made a really neat looking scarf. That was also my first experience with increasing and it went well. I think I may give the scarf to my mother-in-law.. we'll see.

I'm also making a scarf for my brother for Christmas. A quick piece-- it's a super bulky wool, and I'm just ribbing it. It also looks good. I'll post some pictures soon!

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